UWS Blue Series Truck Boxes



UWS Blue Series GullwingGullwing
The Gull Wing Series from UWS is a strong lower-profile cross box which mounts on the pickup bed. Each side of this box has a sturdy lockable stainless steel latch. Note the sliding tool tray, convenient side organizers and tool holders. The unique UWS twin foam Injected lids give super-strength to a normally flexible lid. The solid UWS foamed lid will help keep locks adjusted properly so as to provide dependable security for the box contents. This lower-profile style box allows for a more spacious view out of the rear window, thus providing the driver better rearward vision for safe maneuvering in traffic or checking the load. This new Gull Wing design has also virtually eliminated leaks commonly found in competitors Gull Wing Style boxes.


Single Lid
The Single Lid Series from UWS is a lower-profile box with lids opening to a full 90 degrees; thus easily allowing it to be loaded with large and bulky items. Two super-duty lift cylinders help raise and hold the Structural Foamed Lid open. Single lid boxes are the most popular selling box because of their large capacity and easy to use features. UWS boxes are built like vaults secure and sealed against the elements.

UWS Blue Series Single Lid

Low Profile
The Low Profile box has a single piece lid that opens vertically to 90 degrees, not partially open like others. Result? Lots of accessible space that lets you load golf clubs or bulky tools easily. Two super-duty gas cylinders lift and hold the lid open. This lid, available only on a UWS Box, is a solid structurally foamed lid that will stay true to shape and virtually eliminate adjusting of latches. UWS boxes are like vaults ... secure and sealed against the elements. A Classic look yet built tough!

UWS Blue Series Low Profile

Slim Line
The UWS Slim Line Series was developed to fit the maximum amount of storage into many of the new shorter bed trucks. This box easily fits the limited space in the bed available in front of the wheel well. UWS designed this box with full size features much like a custom product made specifically for your truck.

UWS Blue Series Slim Line

Rail Collection
UWS originated this Rail Collection with a stylish look, using strong aluminum tube rails using strong alloy extrusions welded to the UWS unique Structural Foam Lid. No rivets or screws are used to attach the extrusions to the lid, which can leak through the lid. UWS Rail Series is the perfect upgrade for someone wanting to add a "Touch of Class", in a practical way. Perfect for securing baggage, coolers and other cargo, yet lends an attractive and distinctive "coach-like" appearance to your truck.

UWS Blue Series Rail Collection

Side Mount
UWS Side Mount Boxes are available in 4 different lengths to fit most size truck beds and toolbox configurations. Tough Insulated Lids and sturdy leg brackets make these boxes the choice for serious construction and maintenance use. These boxes mount on the bed rail above the wheel well. They match the look and height of the Blue Label Series and have the tough UWS Foam Injected Lid.* The addition of any of the Side mount Series to your truck will not only look right but will handle the tough jobs as professionally as you do.

UWS Blue Series Side Mount

Fender Well
UWS Fender Well boxes mount over the wheel wells and make use of all of the available space in an area not often used. These boxes open toward the center of the bed and have a center locking/latch and have a full-length piano hinge for strength. Choose from Driver (D) or Passenger (P) side units. (TIP: These boxes can be mounted in front of the wheel wells on Full Size Long Bed pickups if you don't use a cross box. These make excellent storage units for 5th wheel trucks applications.

UWS Blue Series Fender Well

Standard Chest
UWS Standard Chest Boxes are weather tight. With the exclusive Foam-Filled Lid* by UWS you can bet no other box is as dry and secure for your tools, sporting goods, luggage, and "Stuff" during the worst nature can dish out. With UWS you don't worry because our boxes are fully welded not just "Stitch-welded" like some. "World Class"... in everything we do - every time we do it!!

UWS Blue Series Standard Chest

UWS Wedge Box Series is designed with an offset hinge design to fit tight against the front of the bed and still allow the lid to open with out rubbing. This unit is another excellent choice for 5th wheel and goose-neck trailer applications. Heavy foamed lids and super-duty lift cylinders, stainless steel locking latches, and all of the other exclusive UWS features make these the most popular and very best value of any chest box sold. Weather-tight design keeps everything inside dry and safe.

UWS Blue Series Wedge

UWS Topsiders are redesigned for even better strength and weatherproofing. Heavier gaskets and a unique "water channel" front opening protects contents from the elements.

UWS Blue Series Topsider

Similar in design to our topsiders except they are made of an even heavier gauge .080 aluminum alloy tread plate. Fully welded seams and stout reinforcement through out, ensure that these units will stand up to the most demanding use. Mounts above or below flatbeds, dump beds, trailer bodies, and other applications. These units are widely used and are the standard of the industry.

UWS Blue Series Underbody

Pricing & Ordering Info
Delta PRO and Slide Systems truck boxes are available for many makes and models. Click on any of the links above to choose the truck box that's right for you, then call or visit Tony's to order your truck box. Most truck toolboxes are not shippable and are available in-store only.

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