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The pickup truck was originally used as a work truck by farmers and construction workers. Manufacturers put their effort towards function, and gave little thought to form.

As the years passed the pickup was slowly transformed from the work horse of the past. No longer would squared off one -color trucks suffice. Consumers were demanding trucks that would put in a day's labor, but also look good. Today's pickups feature plush rides, mechanical advances and a rainbow of colors to choose from. Extra cabs make pickups the perfect, all-purpose family vehicle.

Truck cap manufacturers were keeping an eye towards these truck trends. They thought it wise to tag along for the ride. The result of their work is evidenced today. Truck caps are available in a multiple of styles, sizes and colors like never before.

Browse through our great line of top-quality truck caps. Then stop by or give us a call to discuss purchasing and installing the perfect cap for YOUR truck!

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