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SystemOne Truck Racks
SystemOne Truck Racks

SystemOne Truck Racks


SystemOne builds tough, industrial quality aluminum cargo racks for use in high abuse environments. They use 6000 series aluminum alloy components which allow for a lighter, more economical truck and a higher payload capacity. The aluminum also provides a no-maintenance finish and has a virtually unlimited lifespan.

From the patented Pick-up Trak™ and Pick-up Truss™ to the fully outfitted extension side beams, you can't buy a better rack for your truck. Components are sold individually or as a total system. You can start with Pick-up Trak and add the Pick-up Truss later. A Pick-up Truss set combined with Pick-up Trak handles an evenly distributed 800 lb. load. Adding the extension side beams increases capacity to 1200 lbs. Numerous accessories can be added and positioned anywhere on recessed "T" slots.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions Are The Heart Of The System
These extrusions, color coded to indicate their position on the system, have been engineered with strength and versatility as an utmost priority. Their unique designs make this rack easy to install or remove and are functionally perfect to work with.


SystemOne Components


Ratchet Tie-Downs
Mid Crossmember


Ladder Side Stop
Inside Hook/Anchor


Quick Hook
Sliding Cargo Anchor


Tool Box Hangers
Tall Side Stop


Quick Shelf Brackets
Strobe/Antenna Mount


Crossmember J Hook
Extension Beam J Hook


Ladder Roller and Clamp System
Ladder Ladder Roller and Clamp System


Ladder Horn
Hooked Bracket 5"


Cab Window Guard
Conduit Carrier Kit


Crossover Box Lift Kit
Quick Spool and Reel Holder


Top Side Tool Box
Component 1: Pick-Up Trak™
As the foundation, it's the only component bolted to your vehicle. It serves as a tie-down system and mounting base for anchors, truck boxes and the patented Pick-up Truss™. T-slots along the entire length make adjustability limitless.

Component 2: Pick-Up Truss™
These workhorse trusses hold up to 800 lbs., and can be mounted anywhere along the Trak™. Wide 4 1/2" width fastening design eliminates the need for front to rear support for loads up to 800 lbs. Three recessed "T"-slots along the truss allow unlimited positioning of accessories. Sold in pairs with color accent inserts to match or accent most trucks.

Component 3: Extension Side Beams
These complete the perfect contractor package by increasing the rack capacity to 1200 lbs., and provide tie-down capability along its full length. Beams come in lengths for short or long beds, and standard or long cabs.

Features, Components and Accessories
SystemOne offers various standard features, add-on components, and practical accessories to outfit your pickup ...

  • Pick-Up Trak™ (aluminum) - Distributes weight of overhead cargo, protects side walls of truck, and allows infinite positioning of accessories in T-slots.
  • Pick-Up Truss (aluminum) - Provides exceptional front-to-rear stability with or without extension beam.
  • Extension Side Beam (aluminum) - Provides rigid support for longer loads.
  • Ratchet Tie-Downs (gold-zinc plated steel with 4' or 6' straps) - The most versatile and safest cargo fastening devices available. They have only one loose end which hooks to the underside of the crossmember.
  • Mid Crossmember (adjustable) - Allows short ladders and material to be stored above, keeping cargo area free. Horizontally milled slots allow adjustable front-to-rear positioning of crossmember. Includes exclusive Ladder Life™ Anti-Wear Inserts that eliminate dangerous ladder wear and reduce ladder noise; finished materials travel without damage.
  • Ladder Side Stops (1/4" x 1" aluminum) - Used as guides for ladders, lumber, pipe, etc. to keep material positioned on crossmembers. The Ladder Side Stop/Anchor version includes a hole for tying off ropes, etc.
  • Inside Hook/Anchor (1/4" x 1" aluminum) - A handy hook for small coils of rope or cord. Also has an anchor for holding the hook end of a ratchet tie-down strap when rack is empty.
  • Quick Hook (stainless steel) - Made to hold cord and keep 5 gal. buckets in place, this hook can be clipped into the Pick-Up Trak anywhere along its length.
  • Sliding Cargo Anchor (1/4" x 1" aluminum with brass insert knob) - An extremely versatile anchor point which can be positioned anywhere in any T-slot on the rack. Typically used in the Pick-Up Trak on the bed rail for interior cargo restraint; can be mounted in Trusses for overhead cargo restraint.
  • Tool Box Hangers (1/4" x 1" aluminum) - This hanger bolts into the heavy T-slot in the upper gusset and into the side of a top-side or low-side tool box, eliminating the need for legs.
  • Tall Side Stop (1/4" x 2" aluminum) - Used when ladders or lumber exceed the height of the extension beam. It's 13" tall and mounts anywhere on the horizontal flange of the extension beam. Drilling is required.
  • Quick Shelf Brackets (stainless steel) - Used with 2" x 6" lumber (not supplied), they install in seconds to create an additional level for materials and help keep cargo area organized.
  • High Profile Strobe/Antenna Mount (aluminum) - 6" tall for protection from ladders, 3/4" center hole, 3 oblong holes 120o apart for strobe mounting bolts.
  • Crossmember J Hook (1/4" x 2" aluminum) - A very heavy duty hook for hose, cord, and chain, it bolts to the inside T-slot of crossmember.
  • Extension Beam J Hook (1/4" x 2" aluminum) - A heavy duty hook for hose, wire, etc., it bolts to the underside of the extension beam flange, facing inward. Drilling is required.
  • Ladder Roller & Clamp System (aluminum & stainless steel with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene rollers) - Provides near effortless loading, unloading, and fastening of a single ladder. Ladder rolls forward to front hold-down and is clamped in rear with one motion. Typical ladder lengths are 24' and 28'.
  • Ladder Horn (1/4" x 2" aluminum) - Used when rear loading of ladders is not possible, the ladder horn allows curbside loading. Drilling is required.
  • Hooked Bracket 5" (1/4" x 2" aluminum) - A heavy hook which can hold 200 feet of air hose or 400 feet of extension cord when opposing each other.. Can also be mounted vertically in truss leg or in Pick-Up Trak.
  • Cab Window Guard (aluminum) - Mounts to the inside T-slot of truss legs and protects the rear window and cab from equipment and cargo.
  • Conduit Carrier Kit - A high quality cast aluminum door and end cap for 4" or 6" PVC pipe (pipe not supplied) with 1/4" x 1" mounting bands. Can be mounted above or below crossmember.
  • Crossover Box Lift Kit (3" x 3" x 1/8" aluminum) - This frequently requested item increases clearance under the box to make previously unusable space usable.
  • Quick Spool & Reel Holder (stainless steel) - Sets up in seconds, insures wire unspools correctly, and allows multiple wires to be pulled off simultaneously (1" pipe not supplied).
  • Top-Side Tool Box - This is an extremely heavy duty box, constructed from .125 (1/8") aluminum diamond plate with 3 point stainless steel lock and rods, 13.5" deep, 17" high, 67" or 87" long.
  • Removable Rear Crossmember - Allows large items to be loaded from rear into cargo bed area.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners - Used on all components and accessories.
  • Ladder Glide™ Insert - For smooth, low friction loading and unloading of ladder cargo.
  • Color Inserts - Come in 66 colors to match your truck or company color.

Ordering Info
SystemOne Truck Racks will soon be available for purchase online. In the meantime, please email Tony's for a quick price quote and availability.

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