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SystemOne Truck Racks
SystemOne I.T.S. Heavy Work Contractor Rig Package

SystemOne I.T.S.
Heavy Work
Contractor Rig
(shown w/ Winch Package)


SystemOne's top of the line pick-up truck rack is the I.T.S.™ Heavy Work Contractor Rig®.This heavy duty rack features a higher payload capacity and suspended tool box capability. The I.T.S.™ (integrated tie-down) series gussets in the upper corners are much larger and of extra heavy wall construction for supreme rigidity. Also incorporated in their design is a special bore to accept our new Work Winch™ tie-down system.

All System One pick-up racks start with the structural Pick-Up Trak® which is fastened to the inside lip of the bedrail. This track forms a structural foundation distributing the weight of the rack and cargo while protecting the bedrail. Tool boxes, sliding cargo anchors and other accessories are easily mounted using standard 5/16" stainless steel carriage bolts in the recessed T-slots. Wide profile truss legs provide tremendous rigidity and reduce concentrated loading.

System One's Ladder Life® anti-wear inserts are made of tough, high durometer EPDM rubber and are installed in each crossmember to reduce noise and eliminate dangerous ladder wear. The Ladder Glide® low-friction insert, made from high density polyethylene, is installed on the rear edge of the rear crossmember for easy loading and unloading of ladders and material. Color inserts are included and come in 66 colors to match your truck or company color.

See SystemOne Racks for details.

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