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SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

The Snowsport Personal Utility Plow is one of the easiest and most affordable snow plows you'll ever use!

It works great on cement, black top, gravel or grass surfaces, and is versatile for farmers, homeowners, contractors, and business owners.

The SnowSport has a clean, simple design that makes it user-friendly, surface-friendly, and vehicle-friendly! It features an attractive clear anodized aluminum blade, with no wiring or lever controls to clutter your cab interior.

SnowSport is easy to:

  • Install
    Mount the front receiver hitch to the vehicle, assemble push frame, plug it into receiver and attach the blade;
  • Use
    Just hook up the push frame to the receiver hitch, hang the plow blade, and you're ready to work;
  • Maintain
    No electrical or hydraulic components to freeze, malfunction, or wear out;
  • Store
    In between jobs or during off season - lightweight enough for one person to handle.

SnowSport fits most late model pickups and sport utility vehicles, and it's light enough for compacts. It easily maneuvers over landscaped and uneven terrain.

Standard Features

Fast attach push frame slides into receiver hitch and secures with hitch pin.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

The SNOWSPORT plow blade is easily lifted up and secured with snap pins on push frame for transporting.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

Plow blade is guided by push frame that allows it to slide up and down with the grade of the terrain. The thick rubber cutting edge moves snow but flexes over stationary objects.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

By backing up, the blade lays back skimming over the surface. Drive forward and the blade automatically re-engages for plowing.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

The heavy-duty rubber box ends give the plow a larger capacity so you can move lots of snow quickly and easily.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

The low profile design of SNOWSPORT Personal Utility Plow allows full view of your vehicle's headlights while transporting or plowing.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow




Easy Installation

1. Each kit comes with a mount kit (front receiver hitch), push frame, and plow blade.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

2. Mount the front receiver hitch to the front of the vehicle. Each mount kit is vehicle specific.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

3. Installation takes between 30 minute and 1 hour depending on your technical skill and the specific front hitch.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

4. Slide the push frame into the front receiver hitch.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

5. Secure the push frame with the hitch pin.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

6. Once you have secured the push frame you are ready to attach the SnowSport Plow.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

7. Simply lift one end of the blade at a time onto the holders and secure with snap pins.

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow

8. You're done!

SnowSport Personal Utility Plow


How does the SnowSport™ Install to my vehicle?
The SnowSport™ personal utility plow hooks up to the front receiver (2" square tube) hitch, just like hooking up a receiver on a hitch used at the rear of a vehicle for towing trailers.

Is a front receiver hitch needed?
Yes, and it comes with the plow package along with instructions to install it.

How diffucult is it to install the hitch and plow?
The front end hitches are designed to bolt in place on most models - occasionally, certain models my require drilling. The instructions are clear cut. The front receiver hitch is mounted to the vehicle and the push frame is plugged into the front recevier hitch. The plow simply hangs on the push frame.

Can I install the SnowSport™ Plow myself?
YES! If you do need assistance, the folks at Tony's will be glad to help. Or just call SnowSport at 1-800-233-4655 between 9-5pm CST. Our customers overwhelmingly say "it was simple and easy to install". The front hitch varies from vehicle to vehicle. Plan about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your level of experience. The plow is attached in minutes by plugging in the push frame and attaching the plow to it.

How easy is the SnowSport™ Plow to hook up or un-hook between jobs?
It's very easy. Just insert the push frame into the front receiver hitch and secure with pin. Then hang the blade one end at a time onto the push frame (can be done in less than a minute). Un-hooking is just as easy.

How do you switch from transporting to plowing or from plowing to transporting?
The operator must manually unhook the plow and lower it for plowing. For transporting, simply lift the blade one side at a time onto the push frame.

How can the SnowSport™ Plow operate without hydraulics?
The blade is secured by the push frame. As you push the snow, the blade travels up and down as needed by gravity. The rubber cutting edge is designed to cut through the snow, but pass over the harder ground surfaces below and be gentle on grass. When you back up, the blade automatically lays back, skimming over the surface. Then you drive forward and the blade re-engages for plowing.

How well does the rubber cutting edge and box ends hold up?
The rubber cutting edge is 1" thick and 6" high, and is made of a hard rubber compound. This has been tested and proven to provide years of service. It can be replaced relatively inexpensively.

What is the warranty?
The plow has a 1-year limited warranty.

Can I move the SnowSport for one vehicle to another?
Yes, the plow can be easily transfered to another vehicle, all you need is a front receiver hitch.

Is the SnowSport™ available for my vehicle?
It is available for most late model pickups and SUV's. Call Tony's and we'll check to see whether the SnowSport is available for your vehicle.

How much does the plow weigh?
The aluminum blade is about 110 lbs. The complete kit with blade, push frame, and hitch is about 225 lbs.

Ordering Info
Our SnowSport Personal Utility Plows are now available. Please email Tony's for a quick price quote and availability.

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