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Retrax Bed Covers
RETRAX Bed Cover

RETRAX™ Bed Cover


The RETRAX™ Rigid Retractable Bed Cover is as rugged and versatile as your pickup. This Lexan cover works on roller bearings that ride in a track. The track is clamped - not bolted - to your truck, so there's no drilling involved in installation!

The RETRAX offers an unmatched combination of beauty, security, and hauling flexibility. Weathertight protection for your valuable cargo combined with easy access offers peace of mind and convenience like no other bed cover. Plus, the RETRAX can be customized for special purpose applications.

RETRAX™ features include ...

  • All-Weather Protection - An automotive grade weatherstrip designed for harsh outdoor use seals the RETRAX™ on all sides to keep water, snow, ice and dust out of your box and the moving parts of the top. The weatherstrip has a soft felt lining that will not freeze to the top, allowing a smooth sliding action  even in ice and snow conditions. The RETRAX™ protects your valuable cargo from Nature's worst and offers dependable operation year-round.
  • Perfect Fit Every Time - No two pickups are exactly alike. Our engineers designed the RETRAX™ with that in mind. The mounting clamps have adjustable spacers built in for a perfect, no-hassle fit every time.
  • No-Drill Installation - When the RETRAX™ engineering team sat down to design the perfect bed cover, they didn't leave out the installation process. They talked to dealers, installers, and pickup owners to help define the ideal installation - and they listened. The result? A clamp-on bed cover that can be installed by anyone with basic hand tools in less time than it takes to figure out the instructions for most other bed covers. No drilling. No swearing. No kidding!
  • Engineering With Style - The RETRAX™ glides back and forth in a low-profile rail system made from high-strength tempered aluminum for years of rugged use. Rubber trim on the rails protects your paint and seals against the pickup. The rail system was engineered to provide a clean, finished look that transitions the RETRAX™ into the lines of your pickup for an unbeatable custom appearance.
  • Solid Dependability - Tempered aluminum support beams embedded into the polycarbonate sheet add strength to support heavy snow loads and ensure quiet, stable travel at any speed. The rigid design of the RETRAX™ improves the aerodynamics of your pickup for an increase of approximately 10% in your gas mileage.
  • Engineered Tough - The RETRAX™ bed cover is manufactured from polycarbonate, a virtually indestructible thermoplastic commonly known as LEXAN®. This rigid one piece sheet is engineered to retract without joints or hinges that can trap dust, wear out, or freeze. Polycarbonate has excellent impact resistance and is unaffected by sun,, moisture, or temperatures from -50o to +200o. RETRAX™ has a mirror-like black finish that adds a new dimension of beauty to your pickup. Our engineers took the same polymer technology used in jet fighter windshields and designed a bed cover that withstands the most rugged use. The RETRAX™ is backed by a one-year warranty.
  • Quality You Can Feel - Open a RETRAX™ and you will immediately be impressed at the way it smoothly glides back and forth at your slightest touch. Sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted into the aluminum support beams allow the cover to retract or close effortlessly without the use of springs or any kind of mechanism. No moving parts to jam, freeze, or fail. The compact storage canister contains a track system that prevents the cover from touching itself as it retracts.
  • Fingertip Control - At each corner of the RETRAX™ there is a ball-bearing roller mounted sideways to ensure that the cover will move smoothly without binding regardless of where you push or pull. No tow rope required to move the RETRAX™.
  • Security, Convenience, Flexibility - RETRAX™ is all about access. When you need access to your pickup box, simply release the flush-mount latch with the touch of a button - no key required - and the cover glides out of your way with one-finger effort. Enjoy instant access - no snaps to fight with, no tarp to roll up. The cover can be locked open in any position to allow unlimited hauling flexibility and convenient use with a fifth wheel trailer. Enjoy complete access: unlike toppers or lift-up fiberglass lids, the RETRAX™ won't obstruct your cargo area when you need it most. Enjoy secure access: the high security key lock system offers protection that no soft cover can. Use your pickup for traveling, shopping, working, hauling, and more - with the kind of convenience, flexibility, and security that only RETRAX™ can offer.
  • Gate Guard™ - The Gate Guard™ tailgate allows you to take full advantage of the key lock on the RETRAX™ bed cover. It mounts to an existing bolt hole on the inside surface of your tailgate for a fast, no-drill installation. The Gate Guard™ is convenient and does not interfere with the normal use of the tailgate.
  • Gate Gasket™ - When driving a pickup equipped with a bed cover, a vacuum is created inside the box. This vacuum will pull dust and snow into the box through the gap around the tailgate, rapidly covering anything inside the box. The Gate Gasket™ installs in minutes with a high-performance 3M® double-faced foam tape to seal your tailgate so you can enjoy a clean, dry pickup box. The Gate Gasket™ is available separately from the RETRAX™ and complements any bed cover.

Ordering Info
Retrax Rigid Retractable Bed Covers are available for many truck makes and models and will soon be available for purchase online. In the meantime, please email Tony's for a quick price quote and availability.

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