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Pendaliner Bedliners



The Pendaliner SR gives you twice the protection of ordinary bedliners! Its skid-resistant top helps protect your cargo by reducing cargo movement. And its skid-resistant bottom helps protect your truck bed by reducing bedliner movement. You get double the protection with Pendliner SR!

Available in over & under-rail models to fit the way you use your truck:

Under-Rail - A perfect fit if you expect to mount a truck cap, tonneau cover or side rail on your truck, the Pendaliner SR under-rail model also offers the added features of two-tier and compartmental loading.

Over-Rail - If you don't intend to install these additional truck accessories and if extra loading flexibility is not a concern, you may prefer the smooth finished look of the Pendaliner SR over the over-rail model. This model also provides extra rail protection and compartmental loading.

Pendaliner's Two-Tier Loading
Pendaliner's Convenient Compartments
Pandaliner's Cup Holders

Pendaliner SR Bedliners features:

  • Skid Resistant
    The Pendaliner SR is the one and only bedliner with two-sided skid resistance. The skid-resistant top surface helps reduce cargo movement, while the skid-resistant bottom surface helps reduce movement within the truck bed. The non-abrasive material won't wear off or scratch your cargo because we've blended it into the bedliner - unlike many other brands.
  • Custom Fit
    The Pendaliner SR is custom-designed for every application to assure a snug, proper fit. Our under-rail bedliners fit flush and snug in the truck bed, providing up to 10% more cargo space than other brands. The over-rail bedliner has a seamless construction - from top rail to the bed floor - for that finished look in your truck bed. All tailgates and most bedliners are robotically trimmed for smooth, clean edges.
  • Two-Tier Loading
    It's easy to seperate your cargo with Penda's molded-in boardholders. Specially designed detents, a Penda exclusive, lock boards into place. Our boardholders are custom designed to match your truck. Their strength is supported by the truck bed, so every load is rock-solid. *Under rail model only.
  • Convenient Compartments
    Our vertical boardholders help separate your load for even greater protection. They also offer another option for double-layer loading, so you have maximum versatility.
  • No-Drill Installation
  • Non-Pooling Floors
    Parallel non-pooling floors and sidewall ribs make cleaning easier and enhance the appearance of your truck.
  • Cupholders
    Selected models feature cupholders molded into the tailgate.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ordering Info
Prices vary according to your truck's year, make, and model.

Pendaliner bedliners are not shippable and are available in-store only. Please email Tony's for a quick price quote and availability.

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This product is either very fragile or oversized and must be picked up in person at our Johnston, RI headquarters.
Please request information on this product only if you are able to travel to our headquarters for pick-up.

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