5th Wheel RV Hitch
The B&W Companion RV 5th Wheel Hitch is available as an accessory to the B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch (see below), continuing the B&W tradition of "a hitch when you need it, a level bed when you don't."

The Turnover Ball hitch is first installed and then the Companion latches into the 2 inch square hole. Many RV hitches use mounting rails bolted into the truck bed and when you remove the hitch the mounting rails are still there. The Companion hitch was the first hitch on the market to have all the mounting rails below the truck bed floor. It is rated to 18,000 lbs. GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) and 4500 lbs. VPW (Vertical Pin Weight).

A unique feature of the B&W Companion is its cam-action latching mechanism. The locking jaws are a full 1 1/8" thick, providing a worry-free hook-up. The head pivots from side-to-side (a full 7 degrees) to help prevent binding, as well as from back-to-front. A single hydraulic shock absorber helps to stabilize the side-to-side motion. The shock also holds the head level for easier hook-up. Vibration-dampening polyurethane bushings act as the base for the front-to-back pivot of the unique saddle assembly of the coupler. The Companion has 3 front-to-back and 3 up-and -down adjustments for optimal turning clearance and weight positioning. This hitch also works with any bed liner.

B&W plates the cam, the arms, and the jaw assembly to prevent rusting. The rest of the hitch is gray powder-coated to ensure a long-lasting finish. Non-marring pads protect the bed of your truck from direct metal-to-metal contact. The Companion also boasts a sleek, yet rugged design to look like it belongs in the bed of your truck, ready to work.

Gooseneck Hitches

B&W's concept of "A hitch when you need it, a level bed when you don't" has been the basis for the B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch since 1988. The patented Turnover Ball offers you the versatility you need when you need it. We offer a Turnover Ball Hitch to fit nearly every domestic full-sized pickup on the market.

The Turnover Ball is an easily-installed, complete gooseneck hitch that bolts to the frame of your truck using existing holes. The Turnover Ball comes with a removable 2 5/16" ball, and is rated for 30,000 lbs. towing and 7,500 lbs. tongue weight capacity. The ball stores upside down in the socket when not in use, leaving a flat, unobstructed bed floor.

To change, just pull and turn the spring-loaded latch pin in the driver's side wheel well, lift the ball out of the socket, flip it over, drop it back into the socket, and engage the latch pin. The process takes longer to read about than it does to complete.

They install in about an hour, with no welding. The hitch assembly simply bolts across the truck frame under the bed while the bed is in place -- the only modification to your truck is a four-inch round hole in the pickup bed floor.

Finally, B&W produces several accessories that supplement the Turnover Ball system to meet your towing needs.


Gooseneck Extender
B&W's newest accessory to the Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch is the 4" gooseneck Extender. The B&W Extender helps to eliminate two common problems with short bed trucks.

The Extender allows four more inches of turning clearance between the truck cab and the front of your trailer and makes for easier hookups by allowing more clearance between the tailgate and the lower front portion of your trailer. The Extender is rated to 20,000 lbs GTW / 5,000 lbs VTW.

2 5/16" Ball
Free with hitch

2 5/16" Hi-Rise Ball
Rated at 20,000 lbs.

33" Ball

King Pin


Inverted Ball Coupler

Pricing Info
Prices vary according to your truck's year, make, and model.

Ordering Info
Our trailer hitches and accessories are available for purchase online for many makes and models. Choose the trailer hitch that's right for you, then

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